Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Hero as a warrior and a lover

I am Neil Richard Coats. When you first meet me, you'll probably get along with me. I am a very relaxed guy. I usually don't get mad. My hobbies are playing soccer, football, and just plain hanging with my friends at the lake. My best friends are Travis, Jake, my brother Ryan, and David. The lake is a whole different world to me. I can think all I want without any distractions. The reason why the lake is so important to me is because about 2 years ago, my parents bought a boat dock at Lake Ray Hubbard. I was able to do really whatever I wanted. I could drive our boat or fish. It was so special to me. At home and school, I am a hero and a warrior. I am constantly working and fighting to get a starting spot on my school's football team. At the lake, I am a hero as a lover. I can think about everything in my life including the feelings and emotions I have.


  1. How lucky you get to spend time at the lake. Its awesome that you realize how to enjoy the solitude at a young age.
    I had a tiny lake house a few years ago and had to sell it :(
    I really miss it. I loved being there alone no phone no tv. It was great i really miss the quite it sounded beautiful.
    Enjoy keep up the bloggin
    Nita--- letstalkaboutreiki.blogspot.com

  2. Great site, Neil. You were a lot of fun to have in class. I'll miss you next year. Good luck in everything!
    Grade - 100